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Refurbishing is a project that needs to be beneficial for you and your guests. You must be satisfied with the result and end-product, and a great way to ensure this is through proper planning. Before planning, there are a few things you need to know regarding the factors that you need to consider. We are ready to help you with knowing such things, so let’s get started.

Bathroom renovation done by our bathroom professional in Cairns with rustic green bathroom tiles

Significant Concepts You Should Look At 

Designing is not an easy task. You, as an owner, should also be very aware of the factors that will generally affect the overall design. If you are not careful with choosing such, you might have problems in the long run. The best aspects that you should know are lighting, integrity, and balance. 

Lighting in Tiles 

Tile lighting is an excellent way to emphasize a bathroom design. Tiles are very reflective surface, so they should be designed while considering light around them. As an overview, light helps shape the way we view the things around of us. As the primary source of information for our eyes, it can be considered as a way to control specific emotion or feeling. 

Lighting is divided into two main sections; natural sources and artificial sources. Let us define each of them. Natural sources come from nature’s gifts such as the sun, moons, and starts. They are generally useful when combined with other natural tiles such as stone tiles or pebbled tiles. On the other hand, artificial light is those light sources that are created by man through technology. They are often used with patterned tiles to achieve feelings of warmth. Considering this thing, it is always an excellent thought to include lighting in your bathroom ideas, Cairns. 

Tile Durability and Integrity 

Tile integrity generally refers to a tile’s capacity to remain healthy and sturdy. Without this concept, any well-designed bathroom will deteriorate due to the elements of nature. Because of this, there is a need to examine a bathroom’s durability in terms of tiles. To increase tile integrity, a tiler uses techniques such as membrane application and waterproofing. However, you must make sure that these techniques do not interfere with the overall look of the area. Also, hiring a competent team is always a good idea since they will be knowledgeable enough to apply the methods that should be done correctly. 

Balance in Bathroom Objects 

All bathroom ideas Cairns should be based on the concept of balance. This concept states that you should have enough elements and objects in your bathroom. Too much of something will result in an ugly design. On the other hand, too little use of elements produces a bland and boring concept. Some applications of balance are to complement colours with each other. You can choose to go for a light shade combined with a dark shade so that you can have the best of both worlds. Another great example is using a combination of sunlight and artificial lighting so that blends can be achieved. 

4 Inspiring Bathroom Concepts 

The best bathroom concept is something that captures your heart. You should fall in love with the idea at first glance, but it is possible to have a hard time thinking about these things. It’s a good thing that you can look at some design inspirations that you can utilize. Here are some great ideas that are appreciated by many guests and visitors. 

Finding the best inspiration can take a lot of time. This is the phase where most clients are confused because they are too occupied about the many thoughts. However, there are excellent bathroom ideas Cairns that you can use as motivation. Many tilers and interior designers love these themes, and they can serve you well.  

Style Mixing 

Multiple styles are not a problem if used properly. They can result in some unique designs that express your creativity. Some great combinations include classic and modern themes, natural and human-made concepts, as well as various colour palettes mixed. Just be careful when using them, as too much can mean that your bathroom becomes an eyesore. 

Style mixing is not only limited to designs. It can also come in the form of tiles. For example, you can mix patterned tiles and pebble tiles for a curtain wall so that it becomes the asset of the house. Another idea is to utilize marble tiles with plain-looking tiles so that one of them becomes the accent for the other.  

Privately Stylish 

If you are a person who takes personal space seriously, then you should consider getting a separate compartment for your shower area. This compartment can either be glassed-based or modern-based, and they can add up to a bathroom’s overall beauty as well. Remember to make the most out of this division through tiles. Tiles look well with glass, so you must be aware of this fact. Overall, using compartments as a way to be creative is always considered as great bathroom ideas Cairns. 

Pastel Madness 
Bathroom floor tiling job done in Cairns with concrete finish porcelain floor tiles

Flat colours and pastel colours are very relaxing for the eyes. Brilliant pastel shades used for the bathroom are mint green and light orange. In this type of design, you have two choices. You can either go for wallpapers or tikes. If you go for wallpapers, the result will be a wall without texture and shine. 

On the other hand, choosing tiles results in walls that are glossy and reflective. Remember to properly combine flat colours with neutral shades of grey, white and black since they fit well with each other. Also, you can have a differently coloured sink to break from harmony. 

Ceiling Art Ala Renaissance 

If you are an art enthusiast, or you’re merely interested in paintings, your next bathroom ideas Cairns might include ceiling paintings. This can help your bathroom stand out, as guests will feel that they are in an old European church. A great way to add flair to your ceiling painting is the addition of marble tiles around it! The result will be a sophisticated and intricate bathroom idea, Cairns. 

Conceptualization and Execution 

The process of planning your perfect bathroom ideas Cairns won’t be complete if you don’t execute it properly during the project. You need to have a reliable team that can help you achieve your desired bathroom. Our team here in Cairns Tiling & Waterproofing are experts on all things regarding renovations, and we believe that we can help you in achieving the results that you want.

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