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Ordinarily, a bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house. It’s a tiny space that most homeowners what to make the most of it. 

A bathroom vanity becomes the centre of attraction if correctly installed. However, it’s not always easy to get it right in the first place. 

The article will help you install a vanity that will change the aesthetic level of your bathroom and make it your favourite room.

Bathroom renovation job done in Cairns with bathroom vanity

Creating Space for a Vanity  

The very first thing that you need to know is the measurements of your bathroom because there is no point in investing in one if it won’t fit, look good, or there is no enough working space around it. 

Bathrooms are of different sizes and designs; thus, a vanity that you saw fitting well in another bathroom may not go well in yours. Therefore, ensure that the bathroom floor and other dimensions allow the opening of the drawers and doors. 

The room should also have enough space to allow movement around the vanity as well as other bathroom processes instead of being a hindrance.  

A Single or Double Vanity  

A single or a double vanity can look good in your bathroom. However, the choice is not based on the preferences but the availability of space.   

Still, an expert designer from Cairns Tiling and Waterproofing can change the bathroom layout and make your dream double vanity to fit in a small bathroom. You should go into these extremes only when you can’t do without the double vanity. 

The reason why some homeowners opt for double sinks is that the couple accesses this space at the same time. More so, it’s installed in a master bathroom where space is not an issue. On the other hand, a single sink vanity works well in a guest bathroom or a powder room without adequate space. 

The double vanity is not superior in any way to a single one because two sinks take more under cabinet space due to the drain pipes. Therefore, choose a vanity that can support your needs and not take up a lot of your counter space before Installing a bathroom vanity.   

Vanity Base Color  

A vanity is a signature statement for the smallest room in the house. There are several colour options to choose from based on your preferences when installing a bathroom vanity.  

You can create a subdued elegance touch using grey, white or black hues as well as a wood finish. The following are some of the popular colours. 

Grey vanity: Grey is regarded as the trending colour in this decade. It ranges from greyish-blue, chilled grey, charcoal grey, French grey, and Emma Dove grey. 

Black Vanity: It’s a timeless classic look. You can install a black double vanity and a large cabinet extending on both sides.  

Wood Finish Vanity: It offers a natural, classic look that integrates well with various textures in your home.  

Silver Vanity: It gives your bathroom a magnanimous splendour that resembles the distinctly suave.  

White Vanity: The colour has a timeless appeal for its endowed with a clean accent. This vanity fits well in any design ethos.   

Vanity Size 

There are different vanity sizes in the market 300mm being the smallest and 1800mm the biggest. A vanity with 300mm width is ideal for the guest room with tiny bathrooms. 

Size 900mm is much bigger and suited for a small bathroom, for it has extra room for toiletries. Size 900mm has cabinets and drawers for keeping basic toiletries and suited for guest bathrooms as well. 

Sizes 900mm to 1800mm has adequate space and suited for master bathrooms, for they can accommodate two sinks. Therefore, it’s essential to measure your bathroom first before choosing the ideal vanity size and installing a bathroom vanity. 

You can manipulate these sizes to accommodate two sinks, but the problem is that there will be limited storage space because of the plumbing considerations. You will be required to look for alternative storage for your essential supplies. 

Therefore use the 1800mm width because it’s spacious and the best option for incorporating twin sinks. 

Vanity Base Designs

Bathroom renovation we completed in Cairns with double bathroom vanities

Free-standing Vanities: They are independent structures sitting on the floor. Their designs range from a traditional pattern to modern, clean lines. They offer excellent storage quotient and are simple to install. 

The downside of these vanities is that they consume considerable space and gather a lot of dust.  

Wall-mounted Vanities: Are mounted on the wall, create space, and give your bathroom an uber-chic look. The vanity provides a standing space as well. 

You need to establish that your bathroom wall is sturdy enough to bear the vanity’s weight and the sink. 

The drawback of the wall-mounted vanities is that they are challenging to install, yet they provide limited storage space. 

Corner Vanities: They are the best option for smaller areas, for they are tuck in a corner and don’t take a significant space. 

The downside of this vanity is that it has a limited counter and storage space.  

Vanity Sink Design  

There are numerous vanity sink designs in the market that you can choose. They include; 

Vessel Sinks: They sit on the countertop and are connected to a vanity base mounted on the floor. 

Under-mount Sinks: It’s a design where the sink is fixed on the counter’s underside, and the plumbing lines are inserted in the vanity base. 

Integrated Sinks 

It’s a design where both the sink and the counter are integrated. They are easy to clean but expensive to buy or install.  

Vanity Top 

There is a wide range of vanity top configurations and styles.  

Grey Countertop: Grey seekers should use grey granite, soapstone, marble, slate, and quartz. 

White Countertop: Most homeowners use premium granite, and white quartz to create a contemporary style.  

Tan Countertop: You can achieve this look using granite, golden sand, and Kashmir white. 

The article has provided you with a lot of information about vanity. There are several things you need to consider when installing a vanity. You can consult professionals from Cairns Tiling and Waterproofing when buying and installing a bathroom vanity.

Contact Cairns Tiling & Waterproofing or email us at for more information.

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