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At what place is waterproofing required?

You should waterproof areas like spa, pools, planter box, ponds etc. Even the internal areas like toilets, shower room etc. require waterproofing. Any place that receives constant moisture contact and humidity should be waterproofed.

Which substrates are suitable for waterproofing?

Concrete and screed can be easily waterproofed. Also, substrates like plasterboard, composite timber sheets, structural plywood, already installed tiling, blockwork, fibre cement sheets etc. can be waterproofed too.

What are the benefits of primer while doing waterproofing?

Priming the surface before waterproofing has many benefits. It not only preps the surface but also does not let any contaminants and dust to disturb the membrane application. As otherwise, it will create a problem with the waterproofing. Primer also makes sure that the moisture of the substrate is locked inside it, andis stopped from affecting the waterproofing membrane because if moisture comes in contact with the membrane, it will create blisters init.

Why is priming not required on waterproofing membrane?

Applying primer on waterproofing membrane is not required because these membranes are already non-absorbent, thus applying primer on top of them will be a waste of resources. Although priming the base before applying the waterproofing membrane is very much necessary, as failing to dothat, can result in voiding the manufactures warranty.

What happens to the primers in high temperature?

The primers are profoundly affected by heat. As the contents in the primer tend to evaporate on a much faster pace,that is before the primer can contain the dust and contaminants properly. This means that the primer will not perform in its optimum state.

Talking about Australian standards, are waterproofing bond breakers necessary?

Yes, the Australian standards make it necessary for the waterproofing bond breakers to be installed in all the places which are prone to building movement like the internal corners, joints etc.

What can be the primary cause of damage to the waterproofing?

Yes, the waterproofing can get damaged for many reasons. Like if the process employed for applying primer or bond breaker is incorrect. Or if an incompatible sealant is used. Also, if the waterproofing contents are placed wrongly, etc., to ensure that the waterproofing is done correctly, you need to make sure that all the elements are working together correctly.

Why do I have mould growth on the back wall of the shower wall?

This mould growth can be an early warning sign that you might have a bathroom leakage, other signs that you can notice is the presence of a stain on the bottom of the main door of the bathroom. And if your bathroom is on an upper floor, you may even notice that the floor beneath your bathroom is also facing problems like chipping paint and mould growth. All these are a possible warning that your bathroom is leaking.

Can any type of ceramic tile be installed in the swimming pool?

All types of ceramic tiles are not suitable forswimming pools. You have to carefully choose a tile that is impervious or even vitreous for laying in the swimming pool. If you choose any other ceramic tile, then it can create a preeminent problem. As even a small crack in the tile can let the water enter into the tiling system, and that will jeopardize the whole pool strength.

What steps to take if I want to tile over the swimming pool wall?

First of all, you will have to check if there is any efflorescence, oil, debris, grease etc. present on the wall. If present, then remove it all before starting the work. Also, remove any kind of paint that might be on the surface. In case your pool is new then you will have to wait for at least six weeks so that the concrete shell can dry thoroughly. In case you have a cementitious rendering then you only need to wait for three weeks. After this, you can tile using an adhesive.

Are glass tiles eco-friendly?

Yes, the glass tiles are made of recycled glass. They are small square tiles and give out a smooth iridescent look to the pool. Not only these tiles are eco-friendly, but they are robust and non-porous as well. They come in darker shades which creates an illusion of depth in the pool and also increases the style quotient of the décor. The benefit of this tile is that it is versatile as it can be placed both in hot and cold water pools.

Why is glazing done on ceramic tiles?

Glazing is merely covering the tiles with a layer made of liquid glass. This layer is mostly applied to ceramic or porcelain tiles. This glazing allows the tile to be water-resistant and also makes them stain resistant. Glazing gives the tile its colour and increases its durability.

Is porcelain tile better for commercial use as compared to ceramic tile?

Yes, porcelain tile is more durable than ceramic tile, which makes it a better choice when commercial work is concerned. The porcelain tiles have a smoother look to them and are more robust than unglazed ceramic tiles. Depending on the quality of the glaze, the ceramic tiles are mostly used in the bathrooms for flooring, or tiling the walls or partitions. While the porcelain tiles can be used to floor and tile almost everything in the whole building, this makes them a better choice for commercial,massive traffic projects.

What tiles are considered best for bathroom flooring?

Tiles which have a specific quality of absorbing the least amount of water are the best for bathrooms. Tiles like stone, porcelain, vinyl are great choices. Even ceramic tiles are quite famous for bathrooms provided that the glazed version of these tiles are used.

How can I maximize the bond strength of the tile adhesive?

To ensure that while tiling the adhesive is making strong bonds, you need to use good quality tile adhesive.Also, you need to ensure that the contact area between the adhesive and the substrate is ample as that will allow the bonds to be more durable. While applying tiles, you need to use a twisting motion and use a rubber mallet to press down the tile firmly.

What do perimeter movement joints mean?

Perimeter movement joints are those joints that are placed along the wall. They can be described as the space that is left ungrouted and is located between the tiles and the wall.

Why are grouts joints considered the ideal way to lay tiles?

These joints are the ideal way because they allow the tile to have space for movement, which in return avoids the building of compressive stress. It also provides the adhesive with the proper medium to cure correctly and also to form strong bonds. A minimum of 5mm gap is required for ceramic and for porcelain tile 3mm gap is preferred.

What are some of the features of Epoxy grout?

This is a very heavy duty grout which is made from a combination of epoxy hardener and resin. This grout is used explicitly in places that require rough usage. Places like hospitals, hotels, public washrooms etc. require this type of grout.They also absorb a minimal amount of water and are more stain-resistant as compared to other grouts.

How to ensure that the tiling work has a longer life?

To ensure that the tiles have a longer life and also that they stay in optimum condition for a more extended period, you need to brush and mop them regularly. You can place rugs and mats so that they are protected from daily wear and tear. Also, you need to be vigilant about spills as they can stain the tiles. Make sure that you give the grout and tiles a deep clean every few months.

Can the high temperature be a reason for the tile adhesive not performing well?

Yes, high temperature is a preeminent reason behind tile adhesives not performing well. If the temperature is high, then the water-cement reaction gets accelerated. The crystals form at a faster pace which makes their size smaller than usual. This change results in the adhesive not adhering to the substrate correctly.

Why are additives used in grout or adhesives?

These additives are added so that the performance of the grout or the adhesive is increased and improved. According to the additives that are chosen and to what they are added, they can increase the water-resistance of products, make them more stain-proof and also increase the bond strength and flexural strength.

Does grouting help in keeping the tile structure sturdy?

Yes, grouting keeps the tiling protected from building movement and tile movement, which ultimately keeps the whole tiling structure sturdy. The process of grouting is mixing sand, cement and water to make grout. Then this grout is added in between the empty tile spaces. You can choose a type of grout which best suits your requirement, like unsanded grout, epoxy grout etc.

Is replacing the tiles in my tile shower going to be costly?

The process does not involve only retiling the area, but it also involves treating the area with a waterproofing membrane and levelling etc. before tiling on the surface again. This elaborate state of work increases the cost of retiling. You cannot miss a single step as these are to be done while adhering to the Australian standards for your safety and longevity of the work.

The water is leaking in the shower through the grout what should I do?

If the water in your shower is leaking and going to a crawl space, then the grout joints are not the problem, the problem might be with the shower pan and its waterproofing. To solve this problem, you need to get the shower pan removed and then reinstalled correctly.

How can I fill cracks in ceramic tiles?

Epoxy resin is used to fill hairline cracks in ceramic tiles. If you come across a crack in the tile, then you need to apply the epoxy resin in it. To apply the resin, you need to use a tool or something simpler like a toothpick and push the epoxy into the gaps so that the resin reaches the bottom of the crack. Take care to fill all the gaps.

Which grout should I choose for humid areas?

While grouting a humid area, you should go for epoxy grout as they are the best option for places like bathroom, douches, kitchen, shower area etc. Epoxy grout doesn’t require sealing and is also stain resistant.

Should I re-glaze or replace my bathtub?

This choice depends upon the condition of the bathtub. If the bathtub can survive for a few more years, then re-glazing is a good option as it will increase the life of the bathtub by about three years. But if the bathtub is in bad shape then replacing is the way to go. Concluding, buying a new tub is always better as it looks good, but this is a costly affair, as bathtubs are quite expensive and re-glazing is a budget-effective way.

Is it okay if I do not change the tiles of my bathroom while renovating it?

Replacing the tile depends entirely upon the condition of the tile, if the tiles in your bathroom are not broken, leaking or majorly stained, then you can avoid replacing the tiles and just go for covering them with paint so that they look new and fresh. Or even keep them as it is.

What components in the bathroom renovation cost the most?

The components like retiling the wall or the floor tend to cost the most during the renovation. Other areas which can be costly are the fixtures and the accent lighting. Also, if you want to include signature decorative pieces, then they will increase the price of the renovation.

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