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Want to add some style and beauty to every place of your house with the best floor tiling Cairns ideas? Then tiles can do this job, the cleanest, stylish, durable solution to your needs. With thousands of options available in their design, patterns, materials, size, and shape, you just need a creative mind to make your whole house a piece of art. You have an empty wall and want to decorate them? Add tiles. Do you have an unattractive floor that is hard to clean? Add tiles. You just need a unique idea of using tiles because they can serve as both decoration and protection. 

Floor tiling done by our tiling expert in Cairns with concrete finish porcelain floor tiles

Benefits of Floor Tiling Cairns 

Let us give you some very common benefits floor tiling Cairns project that will help you to use them to achieve some modern and unique look in your home. 

1. Get a luxury look 

Everyone desires that their home should look amazing. They spend thousands of dollars on their appearance. But what is the most economical, long-lasting, and practical option to achieve it, if you ask, then our answer will be tiling. The reason for that is tiles are not only durable but with the range of designs and colours available in them, you can quickly get your home a luxury look with them. Install tiles on the entryway of your home, the most neglected area in most houses.  

Use some porcelain tiles with slate effect to achieve some unique and stylish look. You can install them in your whole house to achieve a uniform aesthetic to your place of living. These are not only beautiful but are durable too, that will stay with you for years. Anyone who will visit your home will get impressed by that look. All you need is creative floor tiling Cairns ideas of using tiles. 

2. Floor tiling ideas makes life easier for you 

Tiles come with many benefits, but the major one is how easy it is to clean them. Most tiles have very glossy and water-resistant polished surfaces that give them those waterproofing and stain-resistant properties. Porcelain tiles come in a glazed and unglazed variety. Glazed ones are ready to apply without any waterproofing, but unglazed ones need some waterproofing. You can easily clean these tiles just with a simple mop or sometimes wet mop to remove some sticky substance from them. You are not needed to waste your whole day rubbing and washing them with a reliable cleaner, that’s a significant relief. All they need is a little effort to clean them regularly, so they keep sparkling as new. 

3. You can incorporate this season’s geometric trend 

We all know a big living room in a house. We spend most of our time there. It’s a vital part of the home. It must be an attractive place. You can try to add geometric porcelain tiles in here. They are not only beautiful but will add some symmetry and attraction to your living room. The most crowded room will get a new personality and style because of these beautifully shaped tiles.  

Cube pattern will create a smooth and seamless look. Your floor will speak for itself with such right tiles. You can install these geometric tiles in some particular area of your room or try to think a creative idea out of the box. This will leave your mark on your living area. 

4. You can make a statement with gorgeous tile designs 

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used are of every home. It is one of the most critical and essential areas of every home. It deserves some extra attention. Everyone wants their bathroom to be fully functional plus have a unique and refreshing look. Believe us. Only tiles can help you achieve it. You should choose the design and colour of the tiles for the bathroom very wisely.  

They can be your oasis at your house. All you need is an out of the box idea to achieve what other house owners never achieved. You can try a Victorian-style bathroom by using intricate patterns and bright colours. By the way, modern bathrooms usually have plain colours with simple patterns that combine modern look and simplicity. Remember to use only those tiles which have at least an R9 anti-slip rating, so you are safe in there. 

5. Create a Better Sense of Space 

We spend mostly one-third of our lives sleeping in our cozy bedrooms. The place where we feel relaxed and comfortable, bedroom, must be spacious and must have an element of luxury in them. They deserve all your attention you can give in their detailing and look. You can use some tricks to give your bedroom some extra sense of space.  

Using large tiles makes the room feel more prominent, and the smaller tiles make them feel compact and small. Large tiles always have the advantage that lesser grout lines appear, so it creates a sense of the sleek look and feels a bit spacious. Natural stone tiles are best suited for this purpose that can be cut into any desirable shape. You can use some accessories, such as faux fur and chunky knits, to distribute the attention uniformly in the room. 

6. You can create a beautiful look with hexagonal tiles 

One of the unique tile shapes that are trending now is hexagonal tile. They look fantastic in bright and bigger spaces of your home, such as the kitchen. You can create a very modern and stylish look with these hexagonal tiles. With some contrasting colours, you can create some gorgeous and artistic floors or walls. That will leave an impression on the viewer’s mind. Your place will have its personality and aesthetic look. Try to use them for the most striking looks in your home. 

7. Boost Aesthetic Look of Your Home 

As I said before, you just need a creative mind to make art pieces with tiles. You can even use leftover tiles to make some very creative showpieces. You can try to put some tiles around your mirror on the top of the table or shelf to put a new life into them. Why not tile a flowerpot that has been lying idle in your garden for ages rotting.  

You can put tiles not only on the floor and walls but on the ceiling too. You can use glass or natural stone tiles for a more luxurious look. Tiling shelves or fireplaces make them very beautiful. Can you see how many creative ways there are of using tiles for decoration? You can even earn some extra cash by selling a creative showpiece made out of tiles.   

8. You can change the look of your tiles just by replacing your grout 

If you are not familiar with grout, no issue let us tell you.  It is the cement-like material that is used to seal the tiles. It blocks ay moisture from leaking in between the tiles to reach behind them and damage the structure. Grout is essential in floor tiling Cairns project, but they usually have a different colour than tiles that make them stand out and destroy the smooth and seamless look of the tiles.  

They create breaks in between tiles. You can change the colour of grout because they usually get eaten away by moisture and needs renewal. You can choose the grout colour the same as the colour of the tiles to make a smooth and plain look.

Bathroom floor tiling job done in Cairns with concrete finish porcelain floor tiles

Above mentioned points have shown how much tiles are essential in interior designing. You must choose tiles wisely or can easily waste your money. You must consult floor tiling Cairns expert or interior designer before deciding which tile should be installed in the kitchen or the bathroom or anywhere else in your home.  

Ceramic tiles can be used in almost every place, including fireplace, ceiling, floors, and walls because they are resistant to stains, water, cracks, and force. You can also use porcelain tiles, but they are a bit heavy and more expensive. Tiling is now an essential part of every house, every shop, and every structure.

You can’t call a structure complete without tiling. Tiling not only beautifies a place but more valuable and durable too. You should always hire floor tiling Cairns professionals and never attempt to do it as a DIY project. 

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