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A house is a dream of all. Everyone accumulates wealth to buy a new house. We can say that it is the money which is hard-earned and is spent on owning a house.  Living in a rented apartment will not give you that much happiness as your own house. We built and decorated it as per our choice and budget. One of the significant works in the entire house decoration is the tiling. It comprises of both outdoor tiling Cairns and indoor as well. 

Outdoor tiling has so many options to choose from, but the knowledge regarding each one of them is of utmost importance. Some of the tiles are derived from the natural stones while others are self-manufactured as per user’s choice. 

A good interior decorator can give you sound knowledge about the budget involved in installing the tiles and which colour or texture of the tile will best suit your home. The significant portion of the house is your outdoor area. It requires a lot of research for renovation and beautification. 

Some have open patios, and some cover it up. Many houses have pools, while others do not build it. Each tile has its specification, and based on that installation area can be selected. 

Outdoor tiling job done in Cairns wwith granite tiles

10 Types of outdoor tiling in Cairns 

Let us quickly discuss some of the significant and popular outdoor tiling options. 

#1: Ceramic Tiles 

This is probably the tile that has gained the attention of many. The reason behind this is because most people like to have a covered patio, and this tile works well in a covered area. It is not as strong as that of other outdoor tiles, but it looks good. 

Not all ceramic tiles are of the same kind. It is often found that some are stronger and some are not that durable. It should be on priority in your checklist to pick tiles that are good to look at and are also durable. A lot of options are available in the ceramic tile as the variants are so many. Pick the right one for you. 

#2: Porcelain Tiles 

A kind of tile which is very dense and so it is secure.  This is the most common tile used for the outdoor tiling Cairns. It has to be confirmed and rechecked if the tile is made for outdoor purposes only. It has to be slip-resistant. 

For the outdoor purpose, the tiles need to have a perfect texture, and it should be free from slippery. Porcelain is available for both indoor and outdoor tiling. 

#3: Quarry Tiles 

The place where the climate is too cold, quarry tiles are not the right choice at all. They cannot withstand the extreme winter season. 

For the rainy season and climate, they perform quite well. The reason for the same is that the quarry tiles are water-resistant. This can be the right choice if you want to cover your yard in the outdoor tiling Cairns. 

If any other liquid other than a waterfall on these tiles, then they are prone to stains easily. For warm climate, quarry tiles are best suited. 

#4: Slate Tiles 

Slate tiles are made up of natural stone and are a form of carbon. This tile is durable and very strong. It has colour mostly in grey. 

The texture of the slate tile is quite smooth and looks natural. Slate tile is slip-resistant, which makes it unique. 

#5: Granite Tiles 

The granite tiles are the best ones for indoor work and tiling. These make the interiors look beautiful and astounding. The weaker part of these tiles is that these tiles become slippery quickly. It is porous too. 

If we want to make these tiles durable, we need to seal them. 

#6: Concrete Tiles 

A kind of tile which is low cost. This is one of the big advantages of concrete tiles.  We can get the texture of the tiles as per our choice.  The manufacturers are good at doing it. 

The place wherever these tiles are installed, that place looks bright and beautiful, and the cost is also not at the higher side. 

Concrete tiles are also again the durable ones and can compete with any weather. The darker side of these tiles is again its maintenance. Sealing of these tiles can increase their lifespan. 

#7: Travertine Tiles 

The colour of the travertine tiles is quite appealing. It can be used in the outdoor tiling Cairns. The texture is too good, and the colour is also like modern ones. 

These tiles are hard, and they can store dust on its surface. The wear and tear of these tiles can be avoided by polishing them. This makes it’s surface smooth. Be careful after the smoothening process as it can make the tiles slippery. 

#8: Soapstone Tiles 

The soapstone tiles can be best suited for the pool area which comes again in the outdoor tiling Cairns. If there is any water damage, there will be no stains due to the usage of soapstone tiles. 

It can withstand a very high level of heat or even the freezing temperatures. A perfect and fruitful option will be to use soapstone tiles in your pool area. 

#9: Limestone Tiles 

The limestone tiles are quite soft, therefore making it more prone to damage. These tiles will work well and will become durable if we seal them. These tiles are not suitable for open-air patio in outdoor tiling Cairns. 

#10: Sandstone Tiles 

The sandstone tiles are quite beautiful to look at, but they are softer than limestone tiles. The softness decreases its durability. Sandstone tiles are formed by layers of sands compressed together over the years. 

More colours can be found in the sandstone tiles, and it is a perfect option for the yard. 


Patio tiling job we completed in Cairns with travertine pavers

Choosing the outdoor tiling Cairns can be very tedious, but if the type and quality of the tiles are known in advance, the result can be worthy. Pick out the tiles according to your budget and choice and enjoy the beauty of your house. 

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